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How To Save Money on Video Games

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Top Ways to Save Money on Video Games

Saving money on video games has never been easier with the rise of social media and digital sales. Digital stores and retailers will always have good sales if you wait long enough after the release of a game. You can even save a couple of bucks on new releases if you join certain subscription programs like Amazon Prime or Best Buy Gamer’s Club. 2017 has been a crazy year with many stellar releases that beg your attention and hard earned cash. This year started off with a bang with Resident Evil 7 and the flood of great games hasn’t stopped. There have been stellar games like For Honor, Zelda, Mass Effect, Nier, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Buying all these great games will set you back $360 before taxes and that’s not including buying a Nintendo Switch or the Xbox Scorpio(later this year). Saving money is an art-form and this comprehensive guide will show you the best value and stretch your spending power.

New Releases

A brand new video game will cost you anywhere from $40-$60. I’m talking about AAA retail releases that are sold day one at stores like Target, Gamestop, Amazon, and Walmart. Here are a few options available to make that purchase easier:

1. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime cost $99 a year and is a great investment.

  1. You automatically get two day shipping on several items.
  2. You get access to Amazon Video and their selection of On-Demand shows and movies.
  3. You get free perks and games through Twitch Prime, a video game streaming service.
  4. Any new game you buy within the first two weeks of release will be 20% off, including digital deluxe and collector editions!
  5. Gold Box and Lightning Deals

2. Best Buy Gamer’s Club

My Gamer’s Club cost $30 for a two year subscription and a much cheaper investment than Amazon Prime, but with less perks.

  1. You get 20% off New physical games and Pre-Orders.
  2. You get 10% off Pre-Owned video games.
  3. Get 2x Best Buy Points and Coupons.

3. Gamestop 

Gamestop has launched a new program called Gaming Pass. Currently it’s the Spring Pro Gaming Pass. By having an active PowerUp Pro membership($15) you can purchase a $10 Gaming Pass. These are the benefits for purchasing a PowerUp Pro membership and Gaming Pass.

PowerUp Pro:

  1. Get points with every purchase which can be redeemed for coupons or physical items.
  2. 10% off all Pre-Owned Games & Accessories.
  3. 10% extra Trade-In Credit
  4. 12 Issues of GameInformer through out the year.

With the Gaming Pass

  1. Get $10 off for select games for at least 1 month after release.


Money Saving Tips and Services

There are several places that can help you save a lot of money on games. These are my tips for saving money on video games that are not new releases.

1. Gamefly

You can rent 2 games or movies at $23 a month with Gamefly and no late fees, keep it as long as you want. They will also sell the game at a cheaper discount if you decide to keep it for you collection.

2. Redbox

Let’s say you’re unsure about a game you want to buy! Then why not go to RebBox and rent the game for 1 day/$3. Most video game demos cut you off after a certain point, but with RedBox you can play for a day before you decide to purchase it somewhere else.

3. Subscribe to Humble Bundle Newsletter!

Humble Bundle offers several video games and books for a massive discount! Best of all, every dollar goes to support a worthy charity. Sometimes you can buy a catalog of games that you can play on PC, consoles, or phones. Subscribe to their newsletter and they will email you every time there is a new bundle that you might want to take advantage of.

4. Follow Cheap Ass Gamer @videogamedeals and Kinja Deals @KinjaDeals

Cheap Ass Gamer is a trusted site for reporting on daily deals across retailers and digital storefronts. They will report about any deal at Target or Best Buy on weekly bases, Amazon deals, flash sales on PSN, and various other sources. Follow them on Twitter @videogamedeals and you will always be informed of daily deals. Kinja deals also has daily deals on games, movies, and other tech products. Follow them on Twitter @KinjaDeals.

5. Playstation+ and Xbox Live Gold

These are both services that are needed for online multiplayer on both PS4 and Xbox One. However, they each have weekly or daily deals that are only exclusive to subscribers and each offers various free games monthly. Playstation+ will have crazy Flash sales and offers free PS Vita, PS3, and PS4 games every month. Xbox Live Gold will also have crazy deals and offer a selection of free Xbox 360 and Xbox One games.

6. Steam Sales

Steam will always have daily sales, sales on entire publisher collections, sales on entire game franchises, and seasonal sales. Steam is a great option for PC gamers who want to build a massive collection of games. You can also create a wishlist that will notify you when a game on your list is on sale!

7. Ebay and Glyde.com

Ebay is still king when it comes to buying old physical copies on the cheap. You just need to know when to bid or look for a good price. Also websites like Glyde.com can offer a cheaper solution because you are buying from people who own the game. I don’t recommend places like Craiglists.com, because of the rise of violence it has garnered over the years.


Saving money is more essential in 2017 because of all the great selection of games available like Zelda and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Xbox Scorpio is coming later this year but you don’t want to miss out on these great gaming experiences. Hopefully you will be able to save some cash and extend your spending power towards building your catalog of games. Don’t forget that trade-in deals can help towards the purchase of a new console or game. Also don’t forget to trade games with your friends or play games at their place. Nothing like spending time with your friends, drinking beer, and playing awesome games together.


Let me know what others tips you have! Stay tuned with Gaming Instincts for more gaming news, coverage and reviews.

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