Satisfactory curious teaser trailer

Satisfactory curious teaser trailer

Coffee Stain Studios, original development studio of “Goat Simulator” and “Sanctum,” today reveal their upcoming game, “Satisfactory,” in a curious teaser trailer.

This is usually where details of what Satisfactory is and why you should be excited would be written. Anton Westbergh, CEO of Coffee Stain said in a completely-real-and-not-just-made-up official written statement, “If I told you more it wouldn’t be a teaser now, would it?”

More info about Satisfactory is expected to be released in the coming months to clarify what the game entails. As for when people will be able to play Satisfactory: Coffee Stain Studios is an independent studio with no external deadline pressures and so Satisfactory is “done when it’s done.”

Coffee Stain Studios expects to begin selecting players to join for a closed alpha in May, but if the game needs more love there will be no hesitation to push the date back. However, prospective players can register now for the alpha at

About Coffee Stain Studios

Coffee Stain Studios AB is an independent studio founded in 2010 in Skövde, Sweden. With the success of Sanctum and Goat Simulator, the Coffee Stain brand now also encompasses a publishing arm (Coffee Stain Publishing), Coffee Stain North (Stockholm based studio, previously Gone North Games) has kickstarted the “Leveling the Playing Field” initiative to combat gender inequality in the games industry.

Check out the Trailer:

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