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Sam Lake Confirms Alan Wake Remaster

It looks like we did not even have to wait till the end of the week to get confirmation that Alan Wake Remastered is indeed real, and coming shortly. The rumored remastered port was first suggested to be a thing back in June, remaining quiet until a Rakuten Taiwan listing appeared over the weekend, suggesting the game would be out October 5th.

While not getting a look at the remaster yet, Remedy Creative Director Sam Lake took to online to confirm in an open letter to fans that the game is nearing completion. He does not offer any suggestion as to when we might see it, or if that listing from Rakuten Taiwan offered the date we can expect the game.

Posted on a fan site, The Sudden Stop , Sam Lake Stated:

This is for you. Alan Wake came out over 11 years ago, and through that time, you have told us again and again how much you love the game, the story, the characters, and the lore. And that matters a lot to us. We love this game as well. I love this game. The remaster is coming because of your support for Alan Wake through the years. That is why we felt it was fitting to make this announcement here, at The Sudden Stop, which has been an integral part of the Remedy community since back in 2012, when it started out as an Alan Wake fansite. The Remedy community wouldn’t be what it is today without The Sudden Stop, and we wanted to show our gratitude by telling you about Alan Wake Remastered right here.

While players on Xbox and PC will be able to experience the game again, this will be the first time the game appears on PlayStation consoles. After splitting with Microsoft, Remedy purchased the rights for Alan Wake from them. This was to both expand the universe created with it in future games, such as the AWE DLC for Control, as well to assumably make a sequel in the future.

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