Salt And Sacrifice Given Release Date

Salt And Sacrifice Given Release Date

PlayStation’s Twitter account hosted a number of announcements involving indie games and the upcoming Salt and Sacrifice, being developed by Devoured Studio, was among the games shown. It was featured in a PlayStation Blog post that explored the game’s PvP elements in more detail, as well as dropping a May 10th, 2022 release date.

Similar to its predecesesor Salt and Sanctuary, as well as the From Software titles that inspired its mechanics, players are given the option to invade another players world and impeed their progress through battle. Players take the role of Inquisitors and are tasked with hunting mages but based on the factions you allign with during gameplay, expecially allying with the Shroud Alliance, you can gear your player toward PvP with other inquisitors. The narrative places the inquisition at a point where its ideals are starting to splinter among the many factions, with these factions often fighting against each other.

In this blog post, James Silva discussed the PvP features, saying:

Player-versus-player combat in Salt and Sacrifice is far more dynamic than it was in Salt and Sanctuary. We’ve added sprinting with unique sprint attacks, many of which send foes flying (and gravity is still, as they say, the final boss). But getting blasted into oblivion isn’t the end: a lucky Inquisitor can use their grappling hook to cancel out of a fall, provided they plummet past the right sort of ledge. There are also dozens of Runic Arts to explore–powerful situational abilities employed by the Inquisition–from lightning shockwaves and pursuing insect swarms to elemental buffs and storms of spectral blades. Quick-swap ranged attacks and alchemical bombs are great for punishing foes, and while readied ammunition is sparse, if your foe foolishly relents, you can always field craft some more.

Silva made it clear however, that PvP is not a neccesary part of the Salt and Sacrifice experience and plays wanting to just experience the game can do so. He stated:

We know a significant number of players have less-than-zero interest in PvP. It is super fun, but is also certainly not for everyone, and we respect that. You won’t have to engage in PvP if you don’t want to, and that’s a promise.

Salt and Sacrifice, like its predecessor is a side-scrolling game based around the Dark Soul concept of challenge. Upon a players death they return to the nearest save point and must find where they did in hopes of regaining experience gained the first run. The first game, Salt and Sactuary recieve a positive reception upon its release and this one looks poised to do the same when it releases on May 10 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows.

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