Salt and Sacrifice

Salt and Sacrifice Gameplay Showcased

During the Summer Games Fest, which was hosted by Geoff Keighley, Ska Studios showcased the first gameplay to its upcoming game Salt and Sacrifice. A sequel to their first game, Salt and Sanctuary, this game looked to continue the game challenging side-scrolling action of the first game.

While a decent amount of gameplay was showcased, the trailer only offered a minute or so of information. Thankfully, they have decided to release a 10-minute clip of nothing but gameplay. The video has zero narration, choosing instead to let the combat and exploration speak for themselves. The demo chooses to follow a more skilled player of the game, however, the player can expect the game to stick close to its Dark Souls-inspired roots.

Speaking in a post on PlayStation Blog, Ska Studios’ James Silva stated:

Salt and Sacrifice expands on the world of Salt and Sanctuary by exploring a new era and region, as well as a new role: a Marked Inquisitor. A Marked Inquisitor is a criminal condemned, yet spared the hand of justice in exchange for a lifetime of service in the unending war against Mages: twisted, irredeemable creatures of elemental malice. Mages roam the world, summoning minions and wreaking havoc. Hunting a Mage is a multistage pursuit in which your quarry is just as likely to clash with rival Mages as it is with you.

The gameplay trailer itself ultimately culminates with the player fighting a Mage and ‘devouring’ it. These characters take the role of large bosses like you might expect from games of this nature. They seem to be a test of both reflexes and skills.

If you are feeling intimidated by these enemies do not worry, the game will feature a full co-op integrated into the game. The first game featured a more obscured version of the feature but according to the same blog post:

There is a “full” co-op mode, playable online and locally, in which you and an ally can progress through the entire campaign together. Unlike Sanctuary, which only awarded progress to the main player, Salt and Sacrifice allows both players to share progress.

It looks like Salt and Sacrifice is shaping up to be a solid sequel. It is currently slated for release in 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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