Rust Developer Loses Data of Several Players Due to a Fire

Facepunch Studios announced today the total loss of 25 Rust servers in the European region due to a fire in the data center in Germany.

According to an update from the studio, the fire completely destroyed one of the OVH buildings and damaged another one. The fire was uncontrollable and was large enough to take the entire building OVH offline. Workers of the building managed to evacuate the data center without injuries but the blaze took time to put out by the firefighters.

Sadly for Rust players in Europe, Facepunch Studios did not have a backup for all the data from the servers, all the players have lost all progress made.

“25 of our EU servers remain offline due to a fire at OVH Datacenter in the early hours of this morning. Unfortunately, the fire destroyed SBG-2 building. We’ve confirmed a total loss of the affected EU servers during the OVH data center fire. We’re now exploring replacing the affected servers. Data will not be restored.” Says Facepunch in an official statement.

The latest update from Facepunch indicates that slowly some servers have been reopening.

In recent news from Facepunch, Rust has added a softcore mode in a new update, and the console edition of the game was also announced to release later this Spring.

Rust is a game without rules, players are free to be deceptive and aggressive with intense player vs. player combat, raiding, and looting, but there is potentially, even more, to be earned with a team of friendly players by your side. In the struggle for survival and supremacy, players can build tiny cabins in the woods to huge scrap metal fortresses in an attempt to stay safe, as well as craft a variety of weapons, bombs, and traps.

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