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Runes: The Forgotten Path new “Rise and Shine” Teaser Trailer

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Runes: The Forgotten Path new “Rise and Shine” Teaser Trailer

Italian game developer Stormborn Studio is very pleased to share the new “Rise and Shine” teaser trailer for their fantasy VR adventure game Runes: The Forgotten Path. The studio is also excited to announce that a Kickstarter campaign for the game will be launched on April 27, with further details to be revealed later this month.

Runes tells the story of Leth, a powerful wizard trying to escape from the Oblivion, a magical sleep prison of the mind. Astray from the path of righteousness and trapped inside himself by the tyrannical order of the Panopticon, he will have to face a blank beginning. With the use of his powerful spells and wits he will fight enemies, solve puzzles and pursue the recollection of all his lost memories.

Designed specifically for PC, Vive and Oculus Rift, Runes: The Forgotten Path features an innovative locomotion system called ‘4th Wall’ which aims to provide a seamless VR experience and allows players to cast spells by weaving patterns in the air with the VR controller.

Check out the Trailer:

That headline is delivered in a familiar fashion for many gamers; collecting runes will allow the player to command a spell by drawing a specific shape in the air. Performing such inputs with an analog stick or even upon the Nintendo DS’ touchscreen has always delivered something of a disconnect, but here in Runes: The Forgotten Path it’s your hand circling and zig-zagging to draw upon the powers within, and then it’s your hand that is used to command its execution.

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