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Ubisoft Pass Premium
Ubisoft Pass Premium

Rumor: Ubisoft Pass Premium Service Will Be Announced at E3 2019

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Wondering if it’s for lack of security or something else, but Ubisoft’s all surprises for E3 2019 are getting leaked one after another. After receiving images and footage for Roller Champions, Ubisoft’s brand new IP in sports genre, now some sharp-eyed players have found new details about a service called Ubisoft Pass Premium which is appearing on Ubisoft Store as an out-of-stuck item.

While nobody knows what the so-called item could refer to, some guess Ubisoft Pass Premium is a new subscription-based service similar to EA/Origin Access that will provide tons of games from the French publisher to be get played through monthly payment. With monthly services like Xbox Game Pass or Origin Access getting popular through recent years, it seems Ubisoft, the company that owns a fair amount of franchises from different genres, would be able to run its own service through the platforms to offer a new way of playing games at lower cost.

Ubisoft Pass Premium

If the rumor turns out to be true, then it’s still remains unknown that which platforms will get the service soon, though it seems PC would be the candidate No.1 for trying out Ubisoft Pass Premium for the first time. Having said that, you better take these theories with a grain of salt for now and wait for official details from Ubisoft at E3 2019.

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