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Tron Game
Tron Game

Rumor: Tron Game Might Be Developing for Nex-Gen by Ubisoft

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Ubisoft’s line-up of games for next generation of consoles is going to get bigger and bigger as we get closer to 2020. While we’re pretty sure about the release of some AAA titles for next-gen platforms, some rumors are pointing out a Tron game to be released in 2021 by Ubisoft.

According to a Reddit user, drfugazi3, Ubisoft Shanghai has started working on an open-world online RPG based on Tron movie series over 3 years ago and now the project is being developed at Ubisoft’s World Wide Studios. While the name or codename is still unknown, it’s being said that Disney and Ubisoft are collaborating to create a triple-A title which will be coming out in 2021 or a bit later with a special focus on next-gen consoles.

Based on the rumor, the Tron game will be playable solo or with friends in a shared world which is mostly inspired by the designs of Tron: Legacy movie. Transportation by Light Cycles and Jets are being simulated in the best way possible. Combats are skill-based and weapons like ID discs, swords, shields and guns will be available in the game. Your character would be heavily customizable, as you are going to fight against AI and also other real-world players through some PvP arenas in the game, much like The Division series.

We strongly suggest you to take the rumor with a grain of salt, until some official news comes out about it. Ubisoft is currently developing Beyond Good & Evil 2 and the next Assassin’s Creed entry for the next-gen platforms. Also, an Avatar game along with a probable sequel for Splinter Cell series will presumably launch during the next-gen or at least for the platforms of the both generations.

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