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Super Mario Maker 2
Super Mario Maker 2

Rumor: Super Mario Maker 2 Releasing on June 14th

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Rumor: Super Mario Maker 2 Releasing on June 14th

According with Amazon UK Super Mario Maker 2 will be made available on June 14th, the rumor started after some pre-order costumers were told by Amazon that the game would be in stock on June 12th, and will be available on the 14th.

Super Mario Maker 2 was recently announced at last month Nintendo Direct presentation, the game Super Mario Maker 2 follows the same formula of the successful Super Mario Maker, a level creation tool that lets you create your ideal Mario game, or the most insane challenges to your friends just for laughs.

Check the announcement trailer here:

We will need to wait until Nintendo confirms a release date, but that would see the game land at retailers as E3 2019 comes to a close – which runs between Tuesday 11th – Friday 14th June.

As with all rumors this should be taken with a bit of skepticism, allegedly customers haven’t posted substantial proof  that they were actually received an e-mail from Amazon UK, and this kind of information has been known to be very likely to be false as it where the case in numerous rumors about the release date of Death Stranding.

Read the full article at – Nintendo Insider.

Don’t miss any of the latest news at – Gaming Instincts.

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