Rumor: Starter Pokemon for Gen 8 leaked

Rumor: Starter Pokemon for Gen 8 leaked

Rumor: Starter Pokemon for Gen 8 leaked

While there isn’t any official information for the upcoming Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch some images have went viral suggesting that they are Gen 8 starter Pokemons. Although  this is just a rumor it seemed to work as a starter to get the Pokémon community talking.

The pictures that you can see below were showed in several pages of what appeared to be a concept art. There is speculation about, a new Fire-Type being the one who looks pony-esque Pokémon, that will eventually evolve into a Fire/Steel type. The Grass-Type Pokemon is kind of like a bear that will evolve into a Grass/Electric-Type Pokemon, and the Water-Type Pokemon is very straight forward to understand.

Check out the images here:

The Pokémon community is not certain whether the images are real or fake, so they are being very careful to draw a conclusion. After all, it was in 2016, with the leaks before “Sun and Moon,” where similar pictures were posted online revealing the final evolutions of Popplio, Litten, and Rowlett. They were believed to be fake but were finally confirmed to be real. Therefore, many “Pokémon GO” fans are looking forward to seeing what will become of the rumor.

Recently, Joe Merrick tweeted that the artist who leaked the images has confessed they are not real. Isla, one of Joe’s Twitter followers, replied that she knew from the onset that the images were fake because there was no way Pokémon or anyone in the Pokémon company would be allowed to frame and hang up artworks from new generations. Anyway, every new Pokémon generation comes with a drama. So, the entire Pokémon community is waiting for an official response from Niantic.

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