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Spyro the Dragon Trilogy
Spyro the Dragon Trilogy

Rumor: Spyro the Dragon Treasure Trilogy to Be Revealed Today

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Rumor: Spyro the Dragon Treasure Trilogy to Be Revealed Today

Spyro the Dragon Treasure Trilogy could be announced today in a surprise reveal at 1pm PST. This information comes from Reddit user B4DASS, the user who previously leaked the announcement and release date of Call of duty: Black Ops 4.

Currently, there’s no information about how B4DASS managed to get this leak (aside from his claims of having a source from Activision), but even so, this information will leave many fans of the purple dragon franchise feeling excited. After all, Activision made the remastered version of Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy, so this leaves many fans hoping that this leak is true, as they desire for other remastered versions of their favorite platformers from that era to be released on modern consoles.

The original Spyro the Dragon trilogy is considered one of the most appreciated and notable games in the catalog of the first PlayStation. Spyro was very popular back in 1999 and 2000 when it launched for PlayStation along with Crash Bandicoot.

Playstation Life Style said in an article on their website:

“If you missed the news about the Spyro Twitter account, a Twitter sleuth uncovered some interesting evidence pointing to a return of classic Spyro the Dragon. The @SpyroTheDragon Twitter account, previously personally held by a random individual, was allegedly been acquired by Activision as recently as last month. Attempting to reset the password on the account shows an email of sp***@a*********.*** which is a perfect fit for spyro@activision.com.

The account is protected and private for the time being, and the name has been changed to “Falcon McBob.” There is currently a voice over project in the works at Activision that is codenamed Falcon, and Toys for Bob in the developer behind Skylanders and the figures.”

We can only hope that this leak is true, as we will see a legend of the gaming history making a return on this generation of consoles.

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