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Rumor PS5 Launch Titles Leaked
Rumor PS5 Launch Titles Leaked

Rumor: PS5 Releasing In 2020, Launch Titles Leaked

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With the flurry of rumors hitting the market about the next generation of consoles, it seems some rather intriguing ones are beginning to show up. After the surprise reveal of the next PlayStation hardware included in the next console, now fans are eager to know when the system will release, as well as what games will be launching alongside the beefy hardware. Well, it seems an incredibly far-fetched rumor has reached it’s way to the surface. And I mean far-fetched.

A leaker who’s claiming they’re a third party developer working with the PS5 devkit has relayed some information about the upcoming next generation. While bits of info like some of the leaked launch titles and PS5 release date seem either too good to be true or painfully obvious, there are bits of information that the leak did in fact get true. What makes these true facts interesting is that the leak was posted on pastebin back in December.

So let’s cut to the chase. The leak states that an incredibly daunting line up of titles is scheduled to hit alongside the PS5 – which is also rumored to release either in March 2020 or November 2020 (that’s the obvious bit). The games, on the other hand – most of which anyway – seem way too good to be true. Gran Turismo 7 with VR support, PUBG Remaster with 4K as an exclusive, both Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima Remastered versions (not entirely unbelievable), along with several other AAA unnamed titles/VR titles. Also noting that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is scheduled for a 2021 release. Those are the apparent PS5 exclusives.

The third party games seems even more unlikely. The leaked Harry Potter title, Battlefield Bad Company 3 (fingers crossed), GTA VI with a 1 month exclusive deal (really?) and the next Assassin’s Creed which is reportedly set in the Viking era. While Harry Potter and Assassin’s Creed don’t seem that out of the ordinary, Rockstar not only releasing the next GTA only two years after Red Dead Redemption II (which took them roughly 8 years to finish), but striking an exclusive deal with Sony (no matter if it’s only 1 month) seems highly unlikely. Again, too goo to be true.

One curious question is why release remastered versions of Last of Us II and Ghost of Tsushima when the next gen PlayStation console has already been confirmed for backwards compatibility? And potentially less than a year after the release of the original titles themselves? Seems like wasted resources and a bogus claim. There’s also no mention of Death Stranding which was heavily hinted at appearing alongside the PS5 from Mark Cerny during his exclusive interview earlier this week. Interesting.

The leak also goes on to predict the new PSVR will launch alongside the PS5 which will strike a number of chords, such as less motion sickness, increased resolution and cutting back on the cables all together. There’s also word of the DualShock 5 equipped with a camera for VR purposes.

What makes the leak interesting is that even though posted back in December 2018, it still managed to predict things like a small PS5 reveal sometime in Q2 2019 (where we’re at now) and numerous details that have since been confirmed about the next gen console – i.e. backwards compatibility, 7nmRyzen architecture and ray tracing.

Again, don’t take any of this as solid evidence of what we’ll see in the future of the PlayStation brand because, well, more than likely it’s fake. But, it does come with a few interesting facts that seem to check out. Unfortunately it’s riddled with a bunch of incredible hype, typos and poor grammar to be taken too seriously.

If true, however, it would make an incredibly entertaining first few months for the next generation of console gaming.

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Source: Comicbook via Pastebin

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