PSVR Patent For Next Gen Tech
PSVR Patent For Next Gen Tech

New Sony Patent Shows High-Powered, Wireless VR Headset For PS5

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It seems a new patent that was published less than a week ago from Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Tokyo shows off some rather enticing hardware presumably set for the next PlayStation console. The new PSVR headset looks to be one capable machine, along with discarding all of those cluttered wires that have turned many would-be VR users away from the immersive tech.

The new gear looks to come equipped with some impressive features, such as integrated eye tracking and foveated rendering. By utilizing these features within virtual reality head mounts, games experienced in virtual reality will become much more in-depth and massive.

Using integrated eye tracking allows for the headset to determine where the user is looking within the VR headset which then allows the foveated rendering to kick in. What foveated rendering accomplishes is rendering what the user is looking at at a much higher quality than what is in the foreground of the game. Or, in other words – what players aren’t looking at is rendered at a much lower quality compared to the focal point, in turn, allowing the VR tech to run at a much higher level since the entire game isn’t being rendered at a higher quality all at once.

To go along with this new tech is another recent patent from last month that shows a completely wireless model. It’s evident that Sony is pushing the VR more than ever, and it seems they’re looking for the new VR headset to launch alongside the presumed PS5.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting piece of tech, along with any announcements Sony may make in the future.

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