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PS5 Dev Kit
PS5 Dev Kit

Rumor: PS5 Dev Kit Specs Leaked

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Rumor: PS5 Dev Kit Specs Leaked

New rumors has found its way into Reddit some users are saying that developers has been working with PS5 dev kits since March 2017, which sounds a bit unlikely, while there is others who claims the PS5 Dev kit boast a 6TB SSD, while others go as far as confirming that DualShock 5 features a Oled touchscreen display.

Read below what a well known Reddit Indieguy says about the PS5 Dev Kit:

“The PS5 comes equipped with 16GB of GDDR6 Ram, and it will come equipped with an 8 Core Ryzen CPU and a Navi Based GPU. Sony really wants to put in 32GB of GDDR6 Ram but due to the PSVR 2 being bundled with every PS5 they have to make sure that the system will be $400 + the PSVR2 which will retail for $100 and in total the PS5 will be $500. “
He continues:

“However the 16GB of ram will NOT be used in games, however the ram will be divided up into two sections so for example 8GB will be for the Games and 8GB alone will be used for the OS itself. So far the games that I have seen have been running at 4k/30FPS which is not a way to start off the 9th gen, but it is a significant upgrade from the PS4. Anthem is having difficulties running at this current state, but Bio Ware is determined to put the game on PS4 and Xbox One and the Next Gen Systems. The PS4 version runs at 720p/30fps while the PS5 version runs at 4k/60fps so yes some games will run at a constant 4k/60fps but the majority of the games from what I have seen have been running at 4K/30FPS.”

Recently we reported that Reddit user RuthenicCookie known for it’s reliable rumors and leaks said  that Sony PlayStation 5 will cost $500 at launch, he also affirms that Sony might do a confirmation for the system’s development in mid-2019, and it will launch on 2020.

He describes to the PS5 dev kits as “4K/60 stable and at the same time kinda monster” he claims that Sony’s PlayStation 5 will boast a Ryzen 8-core CPU, which would make the system a real beast, the monster RuthenicCookie refers to. It’s expected that PS5 would also feature a custom GPU based on AMD’s Navi architecture. This is practically the same that Indieguy is saying now, so at least is some concordance in what IndieGuy and RuthenicCookie say.

This is a rumor, Sony hasn’t released any official information about PlayStation 5, they just confirmed that is currently on development.

Read the full article at PSU.

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