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Nintendo Direct
Nintendo Direct

Rumor: Nintendo Direct Will Make A Huge Announcement

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Rumor: Nintendo Direct Will Make A Huge Announcement

According with a rumor from the Resetera forums, next will Nintendo will host a Nintendo Direct event, and will make a big announcement, it will be either Metroid Trilogy news or the announcement of Super Mario Maker 2.

The date was teased by Nintendo insider ‘king zell’ who on numerous occasions has proven to be a reliable source of information. On the resetera forums, king zell said to expect Nintendo to provide news on Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch.

Furthermore, it’s said Super Mario Maker 2 is in the works. News of the sequel could make an appearance. Or not. Nintendo has a “bunch of Switch announcements coming this year,” but king zell isn’t sure of the schedule. Zell said these games include Pikmin 3 and Boxboy ports, a new 2D Zelda and of course the Pokemon RPG.

Nintendo Directs are frequently broadcast and localized internationally to several regions simultaneously. Until his death in 2015, Satoru Iwata was usually the presenter for these Directs, narrating in Japanese for the Japan Directs and in English for the other regions. Following Iwata’s death, the format did not receive a worldwide host again until 2017, with Nintendo EPD’s Yoshiaki Koizumi receiving the role.

As with all rumors this should be taken with a pinch of salt, but Nintendo has teased that 2 big announcement will take order this year, keep it tuned to Gaming Instincts as will get a confirmation next week.

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[…] Last week a rumor surrounding Nintendo Direct and two big announcements found its way on to the Resetera forums. So far this rumors appear to be true, as Nintendo today announced that tomorrow they’ll host a Nintendo Direct stream at 2.00 p.m PT | 5:00 p.m. ET. […]