PlayStation VR
PlayStation VR

Rumor: Next PlayStation VR Is Wireless and Will Be Priced at $250

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Since the first day of 2019 so far, Sony has filed a bunch of important patents that somehow could be used in PS5 and other next-gen devices of the company such as the new PlayStation VR. Although none of the have been confirmed by the company yet, at least the new patent for PSVR makes sense to be used in the near future.

According to a patent by Sony, the next PlayStation VR will be using a 2K (2560×1440) display with 220-degree field of view and 120hz refresh rate. Most importantly, the new VR headset will be wireless, just like Oculus Quest. Based on the details, the upcoming version of PlayStation VR will have an eye-tracking feature along with gyro and acceleration sensors that allow the device to detect where are you looking at, in order to provide more in-depth details on the aforementioned area in case of graphics. Thanks to this technology, players will be available to play games with more stable frame rates.

The patent offers that the new PSVR device will be available for $250. Regarding that the current PSVR launched at $399 and now is available for $299, the price for the upcoming version seems to be fair. However, these are just patents and you should take them with a grain of salt unless Sony confirms something.

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