Rumor: Mark Cerny Is Discussing PS5 With Potential Developers

Rumor: Mark Cerny Is Discussing PS5 With Potential Developers

There has been a lot of rumors across the Internet about the PS5 in the recent weeks, but most of the information regarding the anticipated console has not been confirmed by Sony. With today’s news, the number of rumors continues to grow, as Mark Cerny, the Playstation 4 lead architect, is already discussing the capabilities that could have the Playstation 5 with some developers.

The news report going around the Internet does not include a list of potential developers interested in the Playstation 5, but it is rumored that these studios are the bigger ones in the gaming industry. Nonetheless, everything appears to be indicating that the planning of the Playstation 5 is currently underway, but the hardware details are still unknown.

“What we do know is that Mark Cerny has once again been hitting the road, talking to developers about their needs for the next-gen PlayStation,” says part of the report.

Comicbook/wwg said in an article on their website:

“There was also word that Sony could be dropping a hint about PlayStation 5 as soon as its pre-E3 press conference, which will take place in June. But some believe that it may be too soon, and that the publisher may not say a word until at least next year, with a potential 2020 release year.

That scenario makes sense, since it gives developers and publishers more time to play around with the hardware and see what it’s capable of, so the games can shine right out of the gate — just as they did on the PlayStation 4.”

Currently, we can only wait and see if new information is released about the much-anticipated console from Sony. Expect the announcement of the new console sometime in 2019 or later, as currently Sony is focused on the release of their acclaimed title, God of War, which is coming this Friday.

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