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Rumor Gears 5 Set For 4k 60 FPS
Rumor Gears 5 Set For 4k 60 FPS

Rumor: Gears 5 Looks To Push For 4K/60 FPS For All Game Modes

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Rumors involving The Coalition’s Gears 5 entry which is expected later this year appeared last week showing off apparent box art and a September release for the game. Now, a new rumor has serviced in the form of a Microsoft document which looks as though it has been made specifically for marketing purposes as it’s filled with multiple descriptions utilizing different word counts.

Most notable, however, is that the largest word count which would most likely be used on the back of the game box or online store websites gives a peak at what we can expect performance wise from the game. The description claims that Gears 5 will run at an astonishing 4K Ultra HD with HDR and a smooth 60 FPS in every game mode – single player and multiplayer.

This new bit of information is surely exciting, but it should be noted that this has yet to be confirmed by any reliable source. This new rumor should be taken lightly, at least until next month’s E3 event during Microsoft’s presentation when we’re surely expected to hear more details on Gears 5.

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Source: Daily Star

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