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Rumor: Frostbite Engine Support For Switch Currently In the Works

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Rumor: Frostbite Engine Support For Switch Currently In the Works

Recently youtuber Doctre81 found out something very interesting on Linkedin, it’s an EA Software Engineer’s profile which reveals that EA is currently working on bringing existing SDK to the Switch.

Doctre81 has now found that the same Linkedin page has been modified, leading him to guess that EA wants to treat this situation with some secrecy.

Doctre 81 disccussing about the situation:


As you can see now the employee at EA has edited their profile to remove any mentions of the Nintendo Switch supporting the Frostbite Engine SDK which confirms once again that this is true.

The employees name was originally not shown to the public so EA went out of their way to find the employees page to have it edited so it is clear EA did not want this information to come out.

If I had to guess I would say EA wants to bring the Frostbite engine to the Switch, but it’s very ambitious and the developer might fail in their attempts which would make everyone look bad, what do you think it’s the reason behind all this secrecy from EA and Nintendo, do you think it’s possible to bring the engine of Anthem, Fifa and Star Wars Battlefront 2  to the small system? Leave your comments down below.

Read the full article at – Nintendo Soup.

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