Rumor New Switch In June

Rumor: Cheaper Switch Model Releasing By The End Of June

In a recent Bloomberg article regarding Nintendo’s fiscal yearly earnings, two sources claim that the Japanese game company will be ready to release a new, cheaper Switch model at the start of this summer. Both sources have requested to stay anonymous, but have claimed to be apart of the private plans for the new model.

Many speculate that Nintendo has yet to reveal the new model as they’re awaiting the new fiscal year report which should happen this week. Following the supposed release of the cheaper model, Nintendo will also beef up the performance of the current Switch, and also that there’s currently no plans for a more powerful version of the console in the works.

While this is all a rumor as Nintendo has yet to announce anything regarding a new Switch model, these claims seem to be coming from relatively reliable sources. The article has also stated that the Switch is expected to release in China for the first time by the end of this year.

Stay tuned for more details regarding this new Switch model as they could surface soon regarding Nintendo pushing out a cheaper (and previous reports say more mobile focused) Switch console.

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Source: Bloomberg

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