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RPG Maker MV
RPG Maker MV

RPG Maker MV Coming For Switch and PS4 on September 8

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Nippon Ichi Software of America has just announced that RPG Maker MV is launching on September 8 in America for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, European fans will have to wait until September 11. PC version of the game will launch in the summer via Steam.

RPG Maker MV, as the name suggests, allows players to craft their own role playing adventure, with aesthetics of old 16 bit RPG like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, players will have all the tools needed to become a game developer. The software features an extensive selection of tools, fans can create unique adventures and share them online with their friends and the community.

NIS and Degica also announced the RPG Maker MV Player app, this will be available for free for all players upon publication. Players who have not purchased the RPG Maker MV can still jump into the adventures created by others.

Check the new trailer down below:

Here are some of the software’s key features via NIS:

  • The adventure begins: a story with knights and dragons? A modern romance? A chronicle about gods and demons? Let your dreams come true.
  • Game development made easy: thanks to the software, there is no more complicated programming. The software is intuitive and makes it easy for the player to use the many tools.
  • Create, load, play: With the RPG Maker MV player, the player can also enjoy the stories of other hobby developers. The player is available separately and free of charge. Friends who have not purchased the software  can still embark on countless adventures with it.
  • Infinite design options: With hundreds of materials and almost inexhaustible tools, there are no limits to your creativity.
  • Character Generator: Not only can you use the included characters or import your own made completely from scratch, you can also create your own original characters using component pieces using the built in Character Generator! Combine hairs, eyes, clothes, accessories, and more. Recolor them to match your vision.
    We’ll be showing more of the Character Generator in the coming days leading up to release!

Source: NIS

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