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PS Vita Exclusive Title Rogue Raiders Online Almost Reaching Kickstarter Goal

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PS Vita Exclusive Title Rogue Raiders Online Almost Reaching Kickstarter Goal

Rogue Raiders Online is heading to Kickstarter with a date planed for October 24th, and will feature an action role-playing game with up to four players and online cooperative gameplay, the game focuses on a hostile environment that pushes players to cooperate between them  in order to survive.

Players start creating and customizing their own raider, choosing between several alien races and classes, each one with unique stats and traits that may dramatically affect the gameplay.

“You’re not a knight in shining armor but rather a rogue with his own agenda

Then you will be sent to a near space station which serves as a central hub for players to find each other, purchase better equipment, sell valuables, etc.

There will be job boards, which list available quests for you or your team. After assembling a crew, you will travel to a planet to do the job.

Planets will be handmade, no procedural or random planets that end up looking all up the same.

These jobs are a collaborative effort, although sometimes one of your crew can have a secret “rogue objective” than can jeopardize the current mission, so you never know up to what point you can trust the others.

After all you are all rogues so what can you expect!

In Rogue Raiders Online, there is no galaxy to save but a rent to pay.”

For more info check the developer’s website.

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