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Ron Gilbert’s Thimbleweed Park Story Trailer, Releasing in 2017

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Ron Gilbert’s Thimbleweed Park Story Trailer, Releasing in 2017

Thimbleweed Parks has a lot of anticipation resting on its 8-bit shoulders. Thimbleweed Park’s newest trailer introduces us to Delores, one of the game’s five playable characters, who has recently been given her uncle’s once world-famous pillow factory.

Here is the overview of the game:

“Lost along a dusty stretch of highway, Thimbleweed Park once boasted an opulent hotel, a vibrant business district, and the state’s largest pillow factory. Now it teeters on the edge of oblivion, stinking of a desperate longing to be what it once was. When a dead body turns up in the river, the federal agents sent to investigate are immediately suspicious of each other. Then a cursed clown, a jaded heiress, and the ghost of a pillow salesman get mixed up in the case and things start to get really weird.”

Thimbleweed Park is slated to be released in early 2017 for Xbox One, Windows, Mac, and Linux. iOS, Android, with other platforms to be announced at a later date.

Check out the Trailer:

“As an example, Gilbert explains how classic adventures games would often give the player an important piece of information once, and then never repeat it again. “We expected that people would grab their pencil and they would write that piece of information down,” he says. In Thimbleweed Park, not only will characters repeat themselves, but if you ask the same question multiple times — suggesting that you’re a bit lost — you might even get some extra information to help nudge you in the right direction. Thimbleweed doesn’t have an explicit hint system, but Gilbert says that characters will provide more subtle clues through dialog.”

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