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Roller Champions
Roller Champions

Roller Champions Leaked; Ubisoft’s Brand New IP to Be Announced at E3 2019

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I don’t know why but every year that we get closer to E3 event, Ubisoft’s surprises for the event get leaked earlier than any other detail from the show. There is no exception for this year and just like Ghost Recon: Breakpoint that got leaked a day before the official announcement, Ubisoft’s brand new IP has just revealed by insiders before the French company unveil it at E3 2019. Roller Champions is what you should expect a full reveal of at the upcoming gaming event.


Ubisoft’s new title in sports genre is related to Rollerball games and while it hasn’t confirmed yet, but I think the game is being developed by Ubisoft Annecy, the team behind Steep that released their first-ever title back in 2016. While it has no official release date nor target platforms, if we follow the rules of launch for Steep, Roller Champions would possibly release this year throughout every well-known platform.

However, all of the details above are coming from unofficial source on Twitter and you better take it with a grain of salt. Here you can check an in-game footage which is being said belongs to Roller Champions:

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