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Roguelite Platformer "Xenon Valkyrie+" Now Available on PS4 and Xbox One
Roguelite Platformer "Xenon Valkyrie+" Now Available on PS4 and Xbox One

Roguelite Platformer “Xenon Valkyrie+” Now Available on PS4 and Xbox One

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Roguelite Platformer “Xenon Valkyrie+” Now Available on PS4 and Xbox One

Indie French developer and publisher COWCAT  is pleased to announce that Xenon Valkyrie+ is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

Xenon Valkyrie+ is a rogue-lite platformer game with RPG elements in which you must fight to the deepest part of a moon and halt the plans of a wicked witch. Obtain many weapons as you fight through a unique, randomly-generated world every time you play. Encounter many characters, stores and enemies that tell a legendary story. With traditional graphics and high quality chiptune music, level up and get the amazing power of the Xenon Valkyrie!


  • Rogue-lite platformer with a great story
  • RPG elements
  • Randomly generated levels
  • Quality Chiptune music
  • Hard gameplay and Permadeath
  • 3 heroes with unique skills
  • 100+ items
  • Multiple bosses and enemies
  • Several endings and secrets
  • Translated into English, French, Spanish, German and Italian

Check out the Trailer:

Xenon Valkyrie+ opens with a real sense of urgency. There’s a witch hidden somewhere in a menacing moon that is threatening the planet and I have to find her before everything goes to hell. At the outset of this roguelite action platformer, I choose between three playable characters: Girl 1, Girl 2, and Cricket Boy. Each character starts out with a sword, gun, small supply of grenades, and special skill unique to them. One of the girls has a bomb skill and the other has sonar she can use to track down mini-bosses that give out keys upon defeat. Both of them are useless. Instead, Cricket Boy and his super jump skill takes me further into the game than either of them do.

The layout of each level randomly generates each time I begin a new run. I start at the top and make my way to the bottom, trying to kill as many enemies and collect as much loot as possible on the way down. Health is scarce so I have to be careful. A couple of flippant errors and it’s game over. Most levels have a giant chest I need a mini-boss key to open with a random weapon inside. Enemy attacks become more powerful as I progress and the game tries to ramp up the difficulty with darkened caves lit only by torchlight.

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