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Rocksteady Might Reveal Its Next Title on April 26

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Rocksteady is always known for its Batman: Arkham series, especially Batman: Arkham City, with the great gameplay and story that it featured back in 2011. The studio then released Batman: Arkham Knight as a finale to the franchise and to be honest, it was a fantastic ending for Bruce Wayne’s journey along the city of Arkham. However, Rocksteady has never discussed about its upcoming project with fans or media, and while we expect to see a sight of the under-development game at E3 2018 or The Game Awards 2018, the studio disappointed once again. Anyway, we are just two months ahead of E3 2019 but the rumors claim the announcement will happen earlier than what we was thinking, as early as this weekend.

According to a leak by 4Chan, who has found an image for a to-be-announced title, a game related to DC Comics and Epic Games is going to be unveiled on April 26th and its called “Outlaws”. While there’s nothing on the image referring to Rocksteady, 4Chan claims that Outlaws is the next title the studio is working on right now, and it will be a co-op multiplayer title, featuring many heroes and villains from DC Comics that allows players to fight against enemies in a Destiny-esque gameplay style. Here is the image for Outlaws:

With the Wayne Enterprise building just behind the “L”, it seems once again the game features Batman as a main character. However, its hard to believe the leak as we saw so much speculation around Rocksteady’s next title and almost all of them turned out to be false. So, its safe to take it with a grain of salt too, as 4Chan isn’t a trustworthy source within the gaming industry.

We will update you on the article as soon as we get new details. Follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter to get news faster than anywhere else.

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