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Rocksteady Is Skipping E3 2019 Just Like the Previous One

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E3 2018, The Game Awards 2018 and now E3 2019, all skipped by Rocksteady and fans still have to wait for a long time to finally see the initial information on the studio’s next big project which at least has been confirmed that will not be a Superman game.

Sefton Hill, game director at Rocksteady, today shared a new post to inform all of the fans that nothing is going to be shown from the studio’s upcoming project at E3 2019, just like last year’s event. Along with Rocksteady, Turtle Rock Studios also confirmed that they won’t appear at E3 this year, so two titles from Warner Bros. Interactive have decided to save their announcement for a time other than E3.

The job listings for Rocksteady reveal that its next game will be coming to 9th generation consoles, so the studio might share nothing from the new title until E3 2020, though it’s possible to finally see the first sight of the game at this year’s The Game Awards.

Rumors on Rocksteady’s next project were getting bigger and bigger before The Game Awards 2018 until the studio officially announced that their new game is not a Superman franchise and since then, we haven’t heard so much of the game, except some leaks from Jason Schreier that claimed Rocksteady’s new title would be GaaS featuring multiple superheroes from DC universe.

For now, the only thing we can do is to wait until the right time arrives for Rocksteady to unveil its next project that at least has been under development for three years so far.

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