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Rocket League
Rocket League

Rocket League Halloween Event is now Live

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Rocket League Haunted Hallows Event is now live on all platforms, the in-game event features new challenges that once completed will unlock Ghostbusters-themed items.

Check this trailer down below:

Charge your Proton Packs! Rocket League’s spookiest in-game event is back and bringing Ghostbusters items! Complete Haunted Hallows Event Challenges to unlock themed items (sorry, no spores, mold, or fungus this time). Plus, enjoy limited time modes throughout Haunted Hallows!

Haunted Hallows kicks off at 9 a.m. PDT (4 p.m. UTC) and ends on November 2 at 6 p.m. PDT (1 a.m. November 3 UTC). Haunted Heatseeker goes live at the same time as the event, while Spike Rush begins October 26 and lasts until the end of the event. So gather your squad and get in on these terrifying treats later this month!

Here are all the new items:

  • Ghostbusters Avatar Border
  • GhostBusters Player Banner
  • Ghostbusters Wheels
  • Stay Puft Topper
  • Stay Puft Wheels
  • Ectoplasm Boost
  • Mood Slime Boost
  • Ghost Trap Topper
  • Slimer Topper
  • Ecto-1 Player Banner

Psyonix also confirmed that two Limited Time Modes will be available for Haunted Hallows:

  • Haunted Heatseeker (October 20 – October 26) – Heatseeker mode will be played in a spooky new Haunted Urban Arena
  • Spike Rush (October 26 – November 2) – Spike Rush will be played on night map variants

The Item Shop will also feature additional Ghosbusters-themed items, including the return of the Ecto-1, as well as items from previous Haunted Hallows, like the Reaper Goal Explosion, for the duration of the event!

Players will also be participating in Season 1 Series of the now free-to-play game, the new update features an all new compact speedster known as Insidio.

Since this is the first new item Series since Rocket League went free to play, we want to bring new players up to speed. Items from the new Series can be unlocked two different ways: Blueprints or the Item Shop.

After playing Online Matches, you’ll have a chance of receiving a Blueprint. Blueprints show you exactly what item you can build. Just pay Credits to build the item from the Blueprint, and the item will be added to your inventory. Be on the lookout for Blueprints that unlock Painted or Special Edition item variants. These versions are extra-rare and alter the item’s appearance with different colors or even holographic effects.

Source: Psyonix

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