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Rocket League
Rocket League

Rocket League Got Review-Bombed on Steam

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Reviewing-bombing has become one of the new ways on Steam to catch the attention of media on certain matters within the gaming industry and Valve seems to have nothing to do with this technical issue in the platform’s review system. However, most recently, the review-bombing action has become an easy way to show the great battle between Steam and Epic Games Store, as players tend to show their madness at Epic Games Store with review-bombing the games that are leaving Steam to be at EGS, and here is the new victim: Rocket League.

While the exclusivity contracts for other developers and titles were all about getting more revenue from sales, things for Rocket League and its developer is a bit different. As we previously reported, Epic Games has acquired Psyonix studio and as a result, Rocket League and other upcoming games from the studio will be EGS exclusive, though the support on steam and arrival of next DLCs for those who have purchased it from Valve’s store, will be guaranteed.

While taking over a creative studio like Psyonix was a great move for Epic Games, the fans of Rocket League didn’t like the collaboration between the two and this anger lead to review-bombing the game on Steam, just like what happened to Borderlands 3 recently. While Valve updated its review-system to somehow avoid users from making use of the provided capability for other means, the system still lacks in controlling the negative reviews that are spreading for a reason that’s not directly related to Rocket League, though these reviews don’t affect the overall rating of the game.

With Psyonix joining to Epic Games, it would be great to see the studio’s next projects under the wing of Tim Sweeney and his corporation. However, Epic Games’ and its ongoing exclusivity policy still make more haters for the company, every time that a new contract gets signed.

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