Robinson: The Journey Dev Diary 1: Beginning of the Journey

Robinson: The Journey Dev Diary 1: Beginning of the Journey

Robinson: The Journey is a first person sci-fi adventure game developed by Crytek, exclusively for PlayStation VR. Assuming the role of Robin, the 12 year-old solitary survivor of the Esmeralda, a spaceship which crash lands on a mysterious planet, players will become truly present in beautifully rendered landscapes and feel the scale of dinosaurs, the Cryengine plus the VR combine to deliver amazing graphics and innovative gameplay.

Though Robinson: The Journey is exclusive to PlayStation VR, we still haven’t heard about its release date. PlayStation VR is out on October 13th and will offer 50 different titles at launch alone.

Check out the Video:

“As the team explored the possibilities of VR, their own experiences of discovery and excitement made their way into the game. Fatih Özbayram, Producer, said: “It started out with us being inquisitive about a new medium. The core element of Robinson was exploration.” For both developers and players.

But stop reading and check out the dev diary instead. Like what you see? We hope so. And you can try it for yourself if you’re coming to Cologne for Gamescom this year – swing by our booth and feel what it’s like to come face-to-face with dinosaurs on a beautiful extrasolar planet in VR.”

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