Robinson: The Journey Dev Diary 1: Creating the Robinson Universe – PlayStation VR

Robinson: The Journey Dev Diary 1: Creating the Robinson Universe – PlayStation VR

Crytek has a begun a new development diary series for its upcoming VR-exclusive game, Robinson: The Journey. Shot at the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, this first instalment of a multi-part series goes into the conceptual origins of the game.

Robinson was born out of Crytek’s previous VR demo experiments, Back To Dinosaur Island 1 and 2. It follows a lost child who has crash-landed on an alien planet full of dinosaurs. The developers say it’s an exploration game first, and a survival game second.

Check out the Video:

“Many elements have played a role in building the Robinson universe, but one thing that stood out more than anything was our attention to detail. Since the world of Robinson is littered with debris from the crashed spaceship Esmeralda, we obsessed over every manmade and natural object in the world and handcrafted each item with an extensive backstory, design, and function in mind.

This ranges from a simple food box with correct nutritional facts written on it to the evacuation plan of an 11 kilometer long spaceship.

But our visuals weren’t the only thing that needed a lot of attention to detail. Sound is just as important in creating a convincing VR world. If, for example, you see a bird take off — not only can you actually hear that it is getting farther and farther away, you can also hear in which direction it is flying — and all of these sounds create realistic echoes.

Each of these elements make the environments of Robinson feel like a part of a living, breathing world — and we can’t wait for you to get lost in it!”

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