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Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V

Rival Schools’ Akira Kazama Coming to Street Fighter V

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Capcom has hosted its Spring Update for Street Fighter V last night revealing to fans three upcoming DLC fighters coming in the next few months, including the reveal of Rival Schools veteran, Akira Kazama.

Check the Akira Kazama teaser trailer down below:

As you can see, Akira is going to be retaining some of her Rival Schools style in SFV such as her ability to execute flashy air combos! In addition, her older brother Daigo makes an appearance as one of her V-Triggers, bringing back the vibe of that classic Rival Schools gameplay.

We’ll be revealing more info about Rival Schools veteran Akira in the near future!

Capcom also announced the return of  Street Fighter IV’s Rose, she will be added to the game on April 19 with some new moves added, including Soul Fortune which has her using tarot cards to buff her or debuff her opponent in different ways, or Soul Dimension that allows her to teleport around the arena.

With her debuff cards, Rose tosses them at her opponent. These cards count as a single hit projectile and they will apply the debuff even if the opponent is blocking. The green card, “The Tower,” will decrease her opponent’s damage. The purple “Death” card increases chip damage and gray life that the foe will take.

Another returning character is Oro, he retains his original moveset along with a handful of new moves. However, unlike SFIII where he sealed one of his arms, in Street Fighter V his pet turtle occupies his other hand. Also, you may have noticed that Oro has appeared in other characters’ story modes in the game previously:

Oro’s classic leaping attack makes a comeback and will avoid the opponent’s low attacks while netting you a counter hit when timed correctly. Of course Oro can also utilize his patented double jump which gives him the ability to modify his jump arc.

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook for more gaming news.

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