Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 Early Access Launch Trailer Revealed

Big games may need huge teams to be developed, but successful games do not necessarily need hundreds of staff and millions dollars of budget to be delivered to the community of gamers. Sometimes an army of two students is enough to develop a creative game that impresses anyone who attempts to experience its unique mechanics and joyful gameplay. Risk of Rain, as a game that has came out of two sudents hands, hit Steam back in 2013 and received very positive reviews and feedback from both players and media. The two dimensional action roguelike was following the story of a lost astronaut in an unknown planet, in which his only way to survive is to deal with monstrous enemies.

Six years after arrival of that critically acclaimed title, now Hopoo Games has released its sequel in form of an early access game through Steam. Risk of Rain 2, unlike its predecessor, is a 3D game with stunning graphical design that once again will take to dangerous battles against monsters in a remote planet, to give you a fresh experience of co-op combats. You will be able to play with your friends in up to 4-player groups. Risk of Rain 2 will remain loyal to it’s basic mechanics, so same as the previous game, time will again play an important role in gameplay. The more it takes you to complete the missions, the more your enemies gain power to take you down.

Risk of Rain 2 features more than 75 items and different characters with distinct abilities in combats that will allow you to choose the best for yourself. These characters will be unlocked as you progress in the game and explore the world, in which you can find rare items and wonderful hidden locations. You can check out the launch trailer below and then have a look at some of the game’s screenshots.

Risk of Rain 2 is now available for PC and if you buy it until March 30, you will get an extra copy of the game to gift to your friend.

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