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Riot Games Reveals Phoenix For Valorant

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Riot Games has recently revealed the first agent of their shooter Valorant, the agent comes from the United Kingdom and he is capable of using fire and flash special powers to use them as advantage against other agents. Riot Games released a trailer in which Phoenix shows how his skills are best used.

Valorant,  is a 5 vs 5 tactical shooter with a twist, super powers. The game was announced recently, according to Valorant’s website the game will deliver “at least at least 30 frames per second on most min-spec computers, 60 to 144 FPS on modern gaming rigs”. Following the inspiration from Counter Strike, the game’s shooting is intended to be precise, and highly-lethal. Strategy and tactics will take a big role in Valorant.

Riot Games has explained the unique mechanics of the tactical shooter, each agent will have a special ability, this would give them an advantage in battle, but the game is expected to be balanced, an open beta is expected to be announced soon.

Imagine this: tactical shooter meets hypernatural powers. Everyone’s got guns and a unique set of abilities, so how do you beat someone with the speed of wind? Use your own moves to outplay them and beat them to the shot. Valorant is a game for bold strategists who dare to make the unexpected play, because if it wins, it works.

Riot Games was founded in 2006 by Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill with the intent to change the way video games are made and supported for players. In 2009, Riot released its debut title League of Legends to worldwide acclaim. The game has since gone on to become the one of the most played PC games and shortly became a key driver of the explosive growth of eSports.

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