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Rime Is Available for Free on Epic Games Store Until May 30

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Following Epic Games Store’s periodic free games, Rime is available right now to get and keep forever in your account. As of now until May 30th you can play Rime for free via your EGS account and if you add it in your account in the period, you will be able to keep I forever as a full copy of the game.

Rime initially released two years ago on May 26, meaning we’re on the edge of its second anniversary and the development team celebrates the day by giving away a free copy of the game for those who haven’t played it yet.

Rime will take you to a mysterious and beautiful island, in which you go through different tombs and historical places to find valuable artifacts while progressing within the story of the game. To pass the missions and do your objectives successfully, you will have to solve various puzzles throughout your journey along with a kind fox following you.

Epic Games Store has also announced that after Rime, users will gain free access to City of Brass for one week up until June 6. Right now, you can get Rime for free from here.

Aside from PC, the Rime is also available on PS4, Xbox One and Switch. If you haven’t played it yet, you better check out the trailer below:

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