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Libretro: RetroArch Coming to Xbox One Mode in 2019

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Libretro: RetroArch Coming to Xbox One Mode in 2019

Yesterday, the Libretro team confirmed at Twitter that their emulator RetroArch is currently working on Xbox One and it’s coming early in 2019, this may not surprise Xbox One owners who had RetroArch working for a while it may the fact that you won’t need to jailbreak your console in order to get the emulator working.

Read the tweet down below:

The Libreto Team also argues about the Xbox One being the best console at the moment for emulation, Libretro says that a faster CPU is always the most important thing for emulators, having that extra power on the CPU end might benefit FreeSync ability of the emulator.

The other advantage that Xbox One offers is having “a far more powerful GPU”, this lets RetroArch  to handlefar more complex shaders. “6 TFLOP GPU should be able to handle most of the slang shaders we have.”

Check this video down below:

A number of emulators were present in the Microsoft Store before the company updated its policy. The NESbox Universal Emulator supported an array of consoles including NES, SNES, Gameboy, and Sega Genesis. The emulator is still available for side-loading via Developer Mode.

The usual caveats with using emulators still apply. Install if you know exactly what you’re doing and willing to deal with any potential consequences. Additionally, turning on Developer Mode on the Xbox One requires a developer account which costs $19. If you ever want to turn off Developer Mode, it requires a factory reset of your Xbox One.

Libreto team also confirmed that RetroArch on Xbox One will support hardware graphics acceleration “Yeah, there should be Direct3D11/12 support. ANGLE should be there as well.”

It’s very likely that Microsoft may do something to prevent RetroArch working on their consoles so keep it tuned to Gaming Instincts so you don’t miss any update from Libreto Team.

Read the full article at – TechSpot.

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