Resident Evil: Vendetta CGI Movie Trailer

Resident Evil: Vendetta CGI Movie Trailer

Capcom and Kadokawa have released the first trailer for the new computer-animated feature “Resident Evil: Vendetta” which is set to debut in Japan next spring.

Set between the events of “Resident Evil 6” and the upcoming seventh game, the film will feature characters from the series including Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers.

Vendetta, developed by Capcom and Marza Animation Planet, will follow Chris, Leon, and Rebecca as they face deadly zombie outbreaks. The exact details of the story aren’t clear, but the trailer puts a heavy emphasis on an isolated mansion that bears thematic – if not literal – connections to the classic Spencer Mansion.

While we don’t know what to expect from Vendetta’s plot, I have to admit, the trailer presents a great blend of action-horror. The zombies are legitimately terrifying and pose a real threat to well-prepared soliders, while the settings is appropriately familiar and chilling. Here’s hoping the finished film holds up when it launches in Spring of 2017.

Chgeck out the Trailer:

“While the main character appears to be Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy also is featured prominently throughout the trailer. Furthermore, even though Rebecca Chambers is said to be in the movie, I don’t think this follows the Resident Evil 1 storyline. The mansion looks like the Spencer Estate but that blew up at the end of the first game. Additionally, Redfield appears to be leading a group of BSAA soldiers, which means that the storyline takes place after the events of Raccoon City”

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