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Remedy Assures Fans Control Won’t Be Their Last Single Player Game

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Multiplayer experiences are spreading like hordes of zombies all over the gaming industry these days. Developers are keen on making online games to trap players in a long-living cycle of gameplay with high value of replay, leads to making more money by means of microtransactions and also keep their title alive for years ahead. In addition to the intention of developing online games, some studios like Treyarch decide to totally focus on multiplayer and move away from creating an story mode, even in a franchise like Call of Duty that always features campaign mode. However, still some studios keep making single player titles like Bethesda studios and other AAA developers such as Remedy, which has announced that won’t leave single player games in the future.

According to Thomas Puha, Creative Director at Remedy, Control won’t be the studio’s last single player game and although Remedy is trying to develop titles with more multiplayer features, they are “not pivoting away from single-player games” as it was always the studio’s policy to focus on bringing engaging stories with memorable characters. He said:

No, we’re not pivoting away from single-player games. The one assumption I do want to correct is that a lot of people at Remedy have been there for a long time. It’s not like we always want to be making the exact same thing either. A lot of us like multiplayer games a lot – and other types of games. So it’s like we look at it [and say], ‘It would be fun to try to do something and find our way in that world’, and Remedy tends to be pretty careful, for a good reason.

Based on what Puha said, it seems Remedy has got a surprising multiplayer title on the way, which has been under development for a while, but probably we are not going to hear anything official about it at least till the release of Control on August 27th.

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