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Pixel Toys Releases Drop Dead for Gear VR

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Pixel Toys Releases Drop Dead for Gear VR

Pixel Toys has launched the VR zombie-shooter Drop Dead  for Samsung Gear VR Powered by Oculus. Combining highly detailed 3D graphics with the first-person immersion of virtual reality, delivering heart-pounding, quick-trigger, arcade action against the relentless swarms of the undead featuring single-player and multiplayer game modes. It is also in development for Oculus Rift.

The story starts in the laboratories of Doctor Hironimus Monday, all seems lost as the zombies close in, but then your time travelling DNA activates, giving you another chance, as one of the last remaining agents capable of stopping the doc and saving the world, you’re geared with a high-tech visor, insane gadgets and an arsenal of zee-shredding weapons.

Check this trailer down below:

“As both creators and players, Gear VR’s ability to take us to new worlds with comfort and convenience has been incredibly exciting,” said Andy Wafer, CEO at Pixel Toys. “Drop Dead takes full advantage of Gear VR’s cutting-edge design to deliver an experience unlike anything else on the platform for hardcore and casual gamers to enjoy alone or together.”

Drop Dead takes players on an adventure that blends light horror and humor through 13 single-player missions featuring intuitive gameplay, interactive environments and uniquely challenging enemies. It also includes real-time multiplayer for up to four players simultaneously. Pixel Toys is working on two additional chapters of single-player content, expected to arrive as free updates later this year.”

For more information check its official website.

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