Red Dead Redemption Coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Red Dead Redemption Coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility

One of the most requested Xbox One backwards compatible games is finally coming to the console. Xbox live director of programming Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb revealed on Twitter that you’ll be able to play (and buy, if you don’t already own it) Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One within days. That includes the original release, the Undead Nightmare expansion, and the compiled Game of the Year edition.

Red Dead Redemption will be made available as backwards compatible title for Xbox One this Friday, July 8.

“If you’ve been itching to replay Marston’s story, but couldn’t bother dragging out your Xbox 360, you’re in luck: Rockstar announced today that the game will hit the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program this Friday, July 8. That means you’ll be able to play RDR on Xbox One if you own the 360 version (that includesUndead Nightmare and the Game of the Year Edition), and if you don’t, you can buy the game on the Xbox One Store.

This is welcome news for fans of the game, as it was briefly backwards compatible in February before Microsoft announced it was in error, and the game was pulled. The backwards compatible release comes as speculation has swirled about a sequel to Red Dead Redemption being announced this year. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about what games they’re working on in the near future.”

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