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Red Dead Online Gets “Roles” as Part of New Content

The carved “Beta” tag finally pulled off from the Red Dead Online badge and players are now able to experience a more stable multiplayer section in wilderness of wild west. It took Rockstar almost 6 months to deliver the full package of Red Dead Online to the players, but those tough days are gone and Rockstar has much more contents and brand new ideas to give you as of now.

Aside from performance improvements and providing some fair adjustments for microtransactions, the upcoming updates will bring new ways of play in the game. Introducing Roles, Rockstar wants to make its open-world online title richer with expanding the activities and fields that you can follow in there.

As of now, you can take three major Roles with their own skill tree in Red Dead Online: Bounty Hunter, Collector and Trader. Being a Bounty Hunter might seem the most exciting one, as you got familiar with the job during story missions and side missions. You meet the sheriff, then you get a name and picture for your target, and finally you start looking for the criminal to arrest him/her dead or alive.

Second job is a good fit for those who always want to roam around in every corner of the map and look for treasures or other valuable and mysterious items. Not so much has been informed for Collectors, but it would make you to visit different strange places in game and also put yourself in danger for some gold or others things that could be exchanged by gold.

Final Role is probably the most straight-forward one as Rockstar describes it as a job in which you will set up some store-like places and sell goods for other players and customers.

Along with these jobs, other things like new weapons, outfits and rewards will come to the game. However, you won’t be forced to choose one of the Roles above, as you can play the online part like none of the aforementioned jobs.

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