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Rebellion Studios unveils a new trailer for Rogue Trooper Redux

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Rebellion Studios unveils a new trailer for Rogue Trooper Redux

Independent UK studio Rebellion today unveils a new trailer for Rogue Trooper Redux, highlighting why the upcoming remaster will prove to be the definitive version of the beloved 2000 AD tactical shooter.

The new “7 Reasons to Revisit Nu-Earth” video outlines what made the classic 2006 game great and what makes Rogue Trooper Redux even better, both for fans of the original and for newcomers.

• BAFTA-nominated story: An authentic adaptation of the famous 2000 AD sci-fi comic, composed of war, betrayal and revenge…
• Remastered visuals: Stunning high definition, totally remodelled characters, weapons & vehicles, new special effects and more!
• Iconic comic book characters: Fan favourites including Gunnar, Venus Bluegenes and the Traitor General feature, now complete with remastered models.
• Timeless tactical combat: With a wealth of stealth, tactical and firepower options, play through the campaign your way!
• New dynamic cover system: Adapted for modern gaming, you can now slip into cover more seamlessly to take down Norts!
• New gamepad controls: Streamlined for 2017, the new layout will feel instantly familiar to this generation’s gamers.
• New difficulty modes and achievements: Newcomers can now take “Easy” mode for a spin. For a REAL challenge, try “Legend” mode – AND chase new achievements on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

With a thrilling story campaign and dedicated online modes, Rogue Trooper Redux will offer gamers incredible value when it releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 17th 2017 and for Nintendo Switch soon after.

Check out the Trailer:

Thankfully, Rebellion had previously released a full overview to help explain the character:

“Rogue is one of the Genetic Infantrymen (‘GIs’), an army of bio-engineered soldiers, created by Southers to fight their all out war against the colonial Nort regime. Not only can GIs survive the poisonous surface of Nu Earth unharmed, but their enhanced abilities make them a phenomenal force.

“And yet, Rogue is the last GI standing following a devastating massacre that all but wipes out his kind.

“Carrying the consciousnesses of three fallen comrades as biochips implanted in his equipment, enhancing his powers further, Rogue transforms from super soldier into a one-man squad of death and destruction. He knows no allegiance but to his own mission, and he is hell-bent on completing it. That mission is REVENGE.”

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