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Ready at Dawn
Ready at Dawn

Ready At Dawn Is Working on a AAA Title; Project Is in Prototype Phase

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One of the Sony’s highly promising titles for PS4, especially in case of graphics, was The Order 1886 that released back in 2015 and despite delivering an astonishingly jaw-dropping graphics to Sony’s current-gen console, it doesn’t have so much to offer when it comes to story and gameplay. However, the studio learnt a lot of lessons from its first experience in developing a AAA console title and now it seems their next AAA project for next-gen consoles will be big enough to cause high rate of expectations once again, though this time hoping to do the best in every aspect.

Speaking to GamesBeat, CEO at Ready at Dawn Ru Weerasuriya discussed about the studio’s vision on developing new titles for Oculus and VR headsets, while their previous products in this field have been successful. However, Ready at Dawn will also make a comeback to console game developing soon, while right now their AAA project is in prototype phase. Weerasuriya said:

We’re working on a triple-A console title right now as well, something we’re developing internally, and funny enough, a lot of the lessons we’ve learned about narrative and immersion and gameplay mechanics, we’re taking some of those lessons into console. It might not be the same display device, but the play agency we learned to do in this game—you’re always there. You can never expect the player to do what you want them to do. They’ll do whatever they want. That’s something we’re carrying with us to the console.

In addition to words above, head of studio also talked about the current state of the game to give us a vision how far consider its release, while the target platforms are still unknown. He added:

No, not yet. It’s incubating internally. It’s in the prototype phase, where we’re building a lot of things internally. We’re funding it ourselves right now. It’s been a lot of fun taking some of those lessons and bouncing them back and forth between the two projects.

There was also speculation previously on Microsoft might acquire Ready at Dawn and make it one of the company’s first-party developers. The claim will be turned out to be true or fake as we reach Microsoft’s conference at E3 2019.

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