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Rangi Coming on Gear VR Early 2017

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Rangi Coming on Gear VR Early 2017

Rangi is being developed by Funsoft and is scheduled to be released in early 2017 by Digigo, the publishing partner of Funsoft. Its an upcoming adventure/puzzle VR mobile game. Rangi allows players to explore the deep lore and mythology of Africa through a series of challenging puzzles in a virtual reality experience.

The game has been optimized for a remarkable VR mobile experience. Using the Unity 3D engine, its graphic rendering and visual quality are truly exceptional given the limitations of mobile platforms.

“Rangi is unique in that it takes its inspiration from the continent of Africa, the cradle of civilization. The rich folklore of the continent serves as the foundation for this immersive VR mobile game. Players can enjoy a poetic and mystical experience that is supported by compelling musical rhythms and lush graphics that are rooted in African culture. Rangi is a gameplay experience like no other, allowing players to immerse themselves into the eternal mystery of the Dark Continent.

Fabien Delpech, creative director at Funsoft, offers the following of the challenging and innovative nature of Rangi, “We sought to create in Rangi a strong relationship between the puzzle-based gameplay and African tribal art. The level design entices players to interact with a multitude of elements within the environment, which makes the VR experience even more meaningful. Rangi is a truly unique mobile game due to it drawing inspiration from African music, folklore, and art, and we know that gamers will love playing it as much as we’re enjoying creating it.”

For more information on Rangi check its official website.

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