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Rainbow Six Siege defenders ready to fight
Rainbow Six Siege defenders ready to fight

Rainbow Six: Siege New Operators Leaked; Year 4 Season 3

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It seems Year 4 Season 3 DLC for Rainbow Six: Siege will be bringing two new operators, according to a new leak on Reddit showcasing the concept arts for the upcoming operators.

A few days after this year’s E3, a rumor popped-up on Rainbow Six: Siege Year 4 Season 3 operators to be Latin Americans, and now it seems the rumor wasn’t a fake one. According to two new concept arts shared on Reddit, Rainbow Six Siege is going to receive new operators soon and they are coming from South America. As the images represent, both the defender and the attacker are in lush forests which remind me of the world’s biggest jungle, Amazon.

We usually get a teaser for new operators before their addition, so, if you’ve trusted the images above, which are confirmed by Komora, one of the reliable insiders of Rainbow Six Siege, then expect for the official confirmation from Ubisoft in the remaining days of Summer.

The last two operators that joined the roster of Rainbow Six: Siege through Operation Phantom Sight were Nøkk and Warden. Recently, it’s been confirmed that Rainbow Six: Siege is planned to be released on next-gen platforms.

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