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Rainbow Six Siege Leak Reveals Tachanka Rework

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Rainbow Six Siege’s worst operator, Tachanka is being reworked since February, a new leak from xSkajOfficial reveal what are the new skills of the operator, he seems to be more agile and powerful.

Renowned leaker xSkajOfficial posted several images and video evidence from a hacked version of the game. Tachanka’s new primary weapon is the DP-28, the weapon features a top-mounted drum magazine that holds 70 rounds. xSkajOfficial affirms that the gun does 48 damage and fires at about 550 rounds per minute.

xSkajOfficial claims that the Tachanka rework should be available in the upcoming season, Operation Shadow Legacy.

Not only the Tachanka’s skills are upgraded, but his bio is also updated, the information suggests that the Shumikha grenade launcher will be crucial to the operator as his main machine gun, he will be able to blast soft walls with his weapon.

“One thing is for sure, taking the Shumikha on missions will lighten his load’, writes the fictional Dr. Elena ‘Mira’ Alvarez in the snippet. “After testing I can guarantee Tachanka can do just as much damage with the grenade launcher as he has done with any other weapon. I’m particularly interested in the ‘bounce’ effect of the grenades. Much like Tachanka’s sense of humor, they seem to land flat – but once the fuse burns down, the area goes up in flames. Since he’s used to immediate deployment and damage output, Tachanka must adjust his timing to compensate. That said, I have no doubt he’ll enjoy it.”

Source: PCGamesN

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