Rainbow Six: Quarantine

Rainbow Six: Quarantine Beta Registration Is Now Available

Rainbow Six: Siege is officially Ubisoft’s long-living game so far with so many active players enjoying their team-based tactical shooter experience in it and the French developer has no intention to ruin it, as they confirmed that there is no plan for a sequel to the game, but what about a spin-off? Rainbow Six: Quarantine is the new plan.

Officially revealed at E3 2019, Rainbow Six: Quarantine offers a co-operative fight against aliens and extra-ordinary creatures with the same joyful gunplay that we know the series for. While no more information has revealed yet on this title, we know that players are about to experience 3-player matches against AI-controlled aliens.

Any details about Quarantine’s operators, maps and new features are yet to be known but if you want to be one of those first players that get their hands on the game, sign-up for beta right now through all platforms that the game will be playable on. The development team has promised that there will be more different things on Quarantine and jumping into doesn’t need you to be a Siege player.

Rainbow Six: Quarantine is set to be released in early months of 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Here you can check out the announcement trailer for Quarantine:

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