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Raiden V Launches May 11 in the West

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Raiden V Launches May 11 in the West

Success in Japan is seemingly not the only goal in Raiden V’s sights as the game’s development team confirms the title will soon hit North America and Europe.

The CEO of game developer MOSS, Toshinobu Komazawa, was recently involved in an interview with Inside Games (company based in Japan), where he was questioned on the next move for Raiden V.

For those that aren’t aware, Raiden V is an Xbox-exclusive top-down shooter – experiencing some success in Asia, but many fans of the franchise have been waiting for the game to land in the West.

Quite often smaller game developers opt to open up their game to several platforms, whether it be PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4 or various other consoles. However, as mentioned earlier, this game will be hitting Europe and North America as an Xbox exclusive.

No official release date has been confirmed for Raiden V’s impending launch in North America and Europe.

Check out the Trailer:

“Not to mention, before the Xbox One was released, Phil Spencer mentioned that the announced Japanese games at that time would almost all be making their way westward. Seeing as Raiden V was in that grouping of initial console exclusives being developed by Japanese teams, it could very likely mean that the game is slated for at least a North American release, be it via traditional retail or digital download means.”

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