Rage 2
Rage 2

Rage 2 Launch Trailer Is Here to Rewind the Time Back to the Beginning of Everything

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Less than 96 hours are left to download Rage 2, install it and hit the play button to enter a world where insanity rules. Avalanche Studios and id Software have worked together for years to deliver a satisfying sequel for a title that released in 2011. Rage 2 is bigger than its predecessor in every aspect that you can imagine, but there is just one step left to prove this and that would be achieved by great reception of fans and high scores of reviewers. But don’t take it too serious, for now, just enjoy the crazy launch trailer for the game.

Rage 2 offers you a post-apocalyptic world, tons of fun-to-shoot weapons and numerous poor enemies to enjoy whatever comes up to you. It’s a world in which crazy buddies, mad bosses and brutal warriors all have chosen wrong toys to play with and the result, as shows itself, lead the world to fight against you and while you can be either crazy like enemies or brutal as warriors, there are no worries in both ways, cause the only ones to get killed are those opening fire to your face. If you don’t believe me, check out the launch trailer below:

While the rewind system of the game gets a little bit out of control, your journey to face with Genreal Cross as the game’s main antagonist didn’t seem to be so easy, but if that guy who has succeeded to create the video above, managed to reach that bald baddie, you can do it too my friend, just have faith!

Don’t look at me and my article like I’ve lost my mind, if you were in my position, after watching such an insane trailer and getting hyped for performing insane kills in the game, you wouldn’t be able to write this news better than this. So count down the days until May 14th to play Rage 2 on your PS4 or Xbox One or even PC. Switch? No way.

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